ARC Review: Jack Jetstark’s Intergalactic Freakshow by Jennifer Lee Rossman


I loved carnivals growing up.

Still do.

Who doesn’t?

But imagine a carnival in OUTER SPACE?!! With an odd motley performing crew made up of beings from far flung planets?!!!

Excuse me, where can I buy the tickets?


This seemingly inconceivable carnival exists, in Jack Jetstark’s space ship named Rubeno Mardo that travels across the universe putting up shows on different planets.

But the carnivals are just an excuse because Jack and his crew have a mission.

The crew of Rubeno Mardo may look completely ordinary until they hear a specific song that plays on Jack’s receptor every night. The vibrations encoded in this song transforms him and his crew into

A Fire Breather

A winged angel

Conjoined triplets consisting of a wildman, a telepath and a transmutator.

And that is when…

The Carnival begins


The reason Jack Jetstark and his crew go through this dramatic transformation that might make you want to run for the hills, is that they are the descendants of  genetically-mutated superpowered humans who did not quite turn out to be what they were supposed to be.

Thus, their creators i.e. scientists of VesCorp, an all powerful organization did what people do when things are not what they want them to be….discard them.

Anyone who has any experience of living in the society would understand how welcome anything other than ‘normal’ is. Ergo, they were called ‘Freaks’.

And now Jack Jetstark is searching the universe for other freak descendants to include in his crew.

It was all working out smoothly (Except for the occasional problems of intergalactic space travel. You know how it is.) until one night the song ended differently transforming Jack and his whole crew permanently. You might think- Oh, That’s not good!

True but there’s more. And it’s not good either!

The song was sung every night by the woman Jack loves enough to travel across universes for. And this abrupt change is interpreted by Jack as a signal that she might be in trouble.

How would Jack and his crew, in there present state, find that woman and what would Jack find at the end of his search?

(Nothing Spock approved, i’ll tell you that! Had to make a Star Trek reference.. just…had to.)

Always a sci-fi fan, I knew I was going to love this but what I did not know was that ‘Jack Jetstark’s intergalactic freakshow’ would be infinitely larger than a sci-fi adventure. This is a story of accepting your uniqueness and wearing it like a badge. Being proud of who you are and where you came from. A story of love in all its transformations and ugliness. I adored every second of reading this and would not want any of my bookworm friends to miss this experience.

To be published: 4th December,2018

Publishers: World Weaver Press

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Take your pick!

* I am extremely grateful to NetGalley for providing me with this eARC in exchange for an honest review.


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