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Thank you Xpresso Book Tours! I am more than happy to be a part of this incredible tour for ‘All is Fair’ by Dee Garretson. Let’s get on the tour bus!!

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There are times

When we need to be reminded

Reminded of how much pain and horror humanity has survived.

Knowing the Past is a necessity for this simple reason, it can inspire you to hope for a better future.

‘All is Fair’ by Dee Garretson does just that.

A story of love and hope amidst a time of war and destruction

War, when all understandings of right and wrong become void in favor of survival.

When All is Fair.

Dee Garretson sketches a memorable character for us in Lady Thomasina Tretheway.

A 16 year old spirited and mature girl who had been studying at the Winterbourne Academy to be a ‘proper lady’ ( which incidentally wasn’t working out really well for Thomasina. Could she ditch all this proper business and eat to her heart’s fill already?! Sheesh!) untill her father calls her back home to Lincolnshire.

These were after all, the strained times of the Great war in 1918. Britain was at war with Germany and it was not unusual for a young girl to be called back home from school.

What was unusual though, was that Thomasina/Mina’s father had sent her a telegram which to Mina, was absolutely gibberish.

Why would he call Mina citing a reason that did not make any sense whatsoever?

Though Mina might be a complete noob when it comes to handling needles and threads (she could perhaps stab someone with a needle…..maybe?) but she was excellent at something not a lot can boast off- Mina could solve cryptic codes.

After the initial bewilderment, Mina realized that her father’s letter was in code.

Why would he write in code to his own daughter?

Mina knew it could mean only one thing. She would finally be able to assist with the war efforts.

It had been a source of constant frustration to her, that while both her Father and Brother were fighting in the war, she had to stay locked up in a school, oblivious to the outside world,pretending as if all was absolutely normal.

Mina found it ridiculous, learning to be a ‘proper lady’ while the world as she knew it, was crumbling under the weight of the War.

A girl after my own heart. I imagine if I were a woman living in those times I would be exactly like Mina. Except that I can use a needle sufficiently well. Both for sewing and stabbing purposes.

Mina was expecting adventure, yes. But she got far, FAR more than she bargained for. Straddled with a responsibility too heavy, she embarks on a journey in the company of Lucas Miller (not someone Mina expected to particularly like but then…..I’m not saying any more. Read the book!)

And what a staggering adventure it was!

‘All is Fair’ is a journey that shows Mina and the reader what War can do to all that you take for granted…..

A testimony to how strife amd misery are strangely capable of of bringing out the best and worst in people.

Dee Garretson creates an acutely perceptive environment of fear, insecurity and desperate pursuit of hope.

‘All is Fair’ explores the extent to which we humans can change when the need to survive does not leave room for the zest of living.

But even at the zenith of inconceivable suffering, the human potential for hope glimmers through the rubbles of destruction.

Isn’t that astounding?

Lady Mina Tretheway knows she’s destined for greater things than her fancy boarding school, where she’s being taught to be a proper English lady. It’s 1918, and war is raging across Europe. Unlike her father and brother, who are able to assist in the war effort, Mina is stuck sorting out which fork should be used with which dinner course.

When Mina receives a telegram that’s written in code, she finally has her chance to do something big. She returns to her childhood home of Hallington Manor, joined by a family friend, Lord Andrew Graham, and a dashing and mysterious young American, Lucas. The three of them must band together to work on a dangerous project that could turn the tide of the war.
Thrilled that she gets to contribute to the war effort at least, Mina jumps headfirst into the world of cryptic messages, spycraft, and international intrigue. She, Lucas, and Andrew have to work quickly, because if they don’t succeed, more soldiers will disappear into the darkness of war.

Author of All is Fair

Dee writes contemporary, science fiction and historical adventure stories

for a wide range of ages. Her books have been chosen as Junior Library Guild selections, the Scholastic Book Club, and have been nominated for numerous state awards lists. In addition to books published under her own name, she also writes for the Boxcar Children series.

Find out more about her on

Author Website




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Publication date: January 22nd 2019

Publishers: Swoon Reads

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