Reviewing ‘The Jracon’s Oath’ by Tom Simmons|The Odanata Chronicles Book #2

Book cover|Jracon's Oath
Book Review by Trails of Tales

You know the feeling

When you find a book you have loved with all your heart

and you realize that it is going to have a sequel?

That feeling…

Oh that sweet torturous anticipation!

If you have read my review of the Book #1 in this series, then you know what I was going through waiting for the second one.

The pain, aah the pain.

If you haven’t, then give it a read and come back here so you know what magical world am I talking about.

All the background of my present favorite series ‘The Odanata Chronicles‘ is in there.

Go on.

The Gods of Book Love, however took some pity on me

Tom Simmons sent me a review copy of ‘The Jracon’s Oath‘ and put an end to my sufferings.

I was so utterly happy!

Until I came to the end

Saw the words to be continued

Went back into the jilted lover mode.

And end it did at the most insanely critical moment!

Remember how I said in the last review that the 1st book ended at a highly charged point?


How naive of me. That end was nothing compared to this one.

Have you come back from reading my review of Book #1?


So now you know I have a low key crush ( just saying low key for the sake of dignity) on the main protagonist Dax

The dragonfly of my dreams.

In ‘The Jracon’s Oath‘ Dax is all alone in his dangerous mission, shouldered with responsibilities far more than he ever asked for.

His comrades have been gravely injured.

Dax somehow managed to save them from certain death but now he has to track down on his own, the Hawkers who have got their corrupt hands on the one thing that was protecting his world.

My handsome dragonfly does falter, his fears debilitating at moments but still Dax pushes on. He now has to enter into the enemy layer and he is, by no means, prepared for that! But Dax has to.

Because he knows what is at stake.

If Dax fails, his home, his life as he knew it, the world he loves might all burn down to ashes.


Dax, the simple scribe who always felt constricted by his mundane life now starts to pine for it in the face of adversities.

Isn’t that always the case?

You might believe with utmost conviction that you want something

But when you get it

You feel “Umm, yeah…you know what, maybe I was better off without it”.

That is exactly how Dax felt.

As he says to his best friend Sylk

“How have we come this far? It seems only yesterday that we were waving sticks as swords and praying for adventure; now we can’t beat it off with those sticks!”

Of course in all the gloom, there is a silver lining.

Dax’s lady love Yslana…the one who couldn’t remember his name?

Well she remembers his name now.

Even lets some concern for Dax slip out of her stony exterior.

Is this

The beginning of loooovvve?

We’ll see.

In the third book.

All the Bookish Feelings

Right off the bat…

I am attracted to how the book titles have progressed along the series. From ‘Jracon’s Burden’ to ‘Jracon’s Oath‘…It tells you so much of the story doesn’t it? What our protagonist had treated like a burden now slowly became his oath, his duty.

The journey of a single man..phhssh….. dragonfly to understand what courage really means.

What I really love about Tom Simmons’ characterization of Dax is that he did not create a typical hero who does not let his fear ever come to the surface.

Instead Dax is an ordinary dragonfly who fears for his life but learns to fight because it is necessary.

So you guys catch up on these two books

While I try to keep myself calm till the third book releases.

Won’t work.

But I’ll try.

Nervousness GIPHY

Publication date: February 8, 2019

I highly recommend that you read this series full of magic and adventure. Click on the following links to get this book

Amazon US    Amazon India   Amazon UK

*All of the quotes referred to above have been taken from

‘The Jracon’s Oath’ by Tom Simmons

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