Summer Blog Hop: Do you prefer Stand Alones or Series?

blog hop
Trails of Tales is hopping today!

Eeep! My first blog hop!

I am joining the Facebook Group-Bookish Blog Hops to host one of the many interesting bookish questions on the group and share the answers of my fellow bloggers. It is really a beautiful endeavor to bring book bloggers together.

This month is seeing wonderful posts from various talented book bloggers for the Summer Hop

Bookish Blog Hops|Summer 2019 Hop

So let’s get hopping!

The big question today is

Do you prefer Stand Alones or Series?

Oooo that is a heavy one!

Before I answer that, I would like to assure the one I am NOT voting for that I love you too. Don’t you go misunderstanding me. I am just making a strategic choice here.

Series are fantastic. You are on this companionable journey with familiar characters who keep growing on you. In fact, I really started reading more of book series ever since I began taking part in Blog Tours and Blitzes. My recent favorite series is Columbkill Noonan’s ‘Barnabas Tew’ adventures. I started by reading the third book first. Now I am working backward. Hilarious stories! I keep wanting to read more.


I am stingy. Stinginess in all its glory resides in every cell of my body. Spending money hurts me, both in the pocket and heart. And buying the first book in a series means that I will HAVE to buy the second. What’s the other option….DIE? That is my first problem with a series.

The second is….the time between books. When it comes to stories, yours truly is NOT patient. Nuh- uh. Remember when we used to wait and wait and wait for the Harry Potter books. The cruelest form of torture, that’s what it is.

This is what happens to me when I have to wait to know what happens next and it is NOT pretty!

Waiting for the next book in a series
Waiting for the next book in a series…

So the stingy, restless Bookworm in me votes for Stand Alones

Now let’s see what the other bloggers have to say

Views She Writes

Blogger 'Views She Writes'

Normally I would prefer stand alone,

as at times it is difficult to wait for the next in series to come. But there are some series which are worth the wait.

Yes! The wait!! That is my point.

Leslie Conzatti

Blogger Leslie Conzatti

“It’s a tough choice! I love series,

because one gets to prolong the delightful adventure–but, like the answer above, waiting for the next book in an incomplete series is HAAARRRDDD!!! Most of the time, though, it’s worth it. However, I do enjoy authors like David Baldacci, who writes both stand-alones and series. The stand-alones are good when there’s a satisfying conclusion, and the story is all contained in one cover. I have had the experience, though, of blasting through a stand-alone and enjoying the concept so much that I dearly wish it was a whole series so I could have more–but it isn’t, so I just have to live with the one.”

Leslie makes a very good point. We do come across some characters in a Stand Alone once in a while, whom we would be happy to read more about. You might yearn for a series then.

Fee Kelly

Blogger Fee @EbookAddicts

“I love stand alone books that are part of a series –

for example Melissa Foster’s ‘Love In Bloom‘ books can all be read as a stand alone but are part of a huge series. Having said that I do love a good stand alone book where I don’t need to wait for a continuation, which is usually what I read in between series being released”

So do I, Fee Kelly! I’ll be sure to check out the writer you suggested.

Brandy Potter

Blogger Brandy Potter

“I prefer a world that draws me in and sucks me into interesting characters.

This can happen in both. There are series that I love like ‘Krewe of Hunters’ by Heather Graham or ‘The Belgariad’ by David Eddings. However, my SLEEP prefers stand alones. I tend to read until I drop unless the story ends.”

Yes .. sleep…. what’s that again?! Sleeping and Reading are frustratingly incompatible. Check out the book recommendations made by Brandy here.

Jo Linsdell

Blogger Jo Linsdell

“In general I prefer stand alones.

That said, I love it when I find a series that has me hooked. When I find a series I like though I need to have all the books on hand as I tend to want to read them one after the other. I hate having to wait for the next installment.”

Absolutely agree Jo! I want all the books at once.


Blogger Eline @audiobooks

I often find it a bit daunting to start with a new series

But I definitely prefer series over stand-alones. In Romance, where you often have a ‘series of stand-alones’, I enjoy how the side-characters are all more fleshed out and have a story of their own. And we get to revisit couples from previous books and see how they’re doing. It makes for a very realistic setting. But I also really love actual series where the story goes on from book to book, because it allows so much more room for character development.

Starting a Series feels like a dilemma to me Eline. To read or not to read? Am I ready for this kind of commitment?

Well that was fun! It’s your turn now.

Tell me what will you vote for- Series or Stand Alones?

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26 thoughts on “Summer Blog Hop: Do you prefer Stand Alones or Series?

  1. I am a fan of series! Especially when I love the characters and am not ready to say goodbye to them after one book. But, I also know I don’t like to wait either, so the key is to read series that are already finished, lol!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This was a great question. Fascinating to see everyone’s answers!
    I really had to think for quite a while on this, because I felt tempted to say “Stand-alone”. But then I thought of all my very favorite series that are just so much more near and dear to my heart than almost all stand-alones.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s so hard to choose though because there are series like Agatha Christie Poirot and Ms. Marple who have books that stand alone just as well. Conan-Doyle too. Then there are series that just DRAG ON. Honestly I have only found 1 Nora Roberts series I like, the rest just draaaaag for me

    Liked by 1 person

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