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Book Cover| Mind Games
Book Review by Trails of Tales

A huge thank you to Xpresso Book Tours for bringing me this book. The premise was so intriguing, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to read and review it.

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The Sci-fi genre amazes me and creeps me out at the same time.

I am sure the ‘amaze’ part is self explanatory but let me explain the ‘creep’

Science fiction, most often than not, hits really close to home or the more futuristic home. It describes all that which might very well be plausible in the near future. Which is….brrrr….creepy.

And I am not even going as far as something mammoth like the Robot Apocalypse. Though, that is an extremely real possibility.

Go ahead, scoff at me!

But when the Robots attack, they won’t be taking ME by surprise.


Mind Games‘ did put the fear of future in me. Not a lot of course. I am a pretty brave person ( STOP LAUGHING!)

Arden Varga, daughter of the Headmistress of Monica Varga High, a school specifically for geniuses, makes a good income from hacking into people’s memories.

And she is damn good at it.

Few years back, Arden’s father developed HiveMind, a software for cloud based memory uploading. Every memory gets backed up and synced to the brain instantly.

The idea of my memories being recorded outside my brain, privy to prying eyes is freaking me out….a little.

Now 18 year old Arden hacks into other people’s memories for a price and transfers them to another person’s mind who is in need of, let’s say, information on test answers.

Good old cheating but in a highly technical manner. The beauty of it brings tears to my eyes.

Arden is doing this not-exactly-legitimate job so she can save seed money for the company she will start one day. She however has her rules.

No nudity, no revealing other people’s secrets and no deleting memories.

Things were perfect until Arden meets Sebastian, a guy she is supposed to have a massive crush on for years, according to her best friend.

A few minutes before, Arden didn’t even know she was missing anything. But now she finds out that there is a huge chunk of her memory that is just gone. Not on HiveMind. No backup. Completely gone.

She is not the only one. Sebastian has forgotten too. And it’s not just a part of his memory. He has lost all of it.

As Arden and Sebastian try to make sense of their predicament, other mysteries start to surface.

Apparently, they had partnered on a project that can have life altering implications.

What is even more mysterious is that not just Arden and Sebastian but none of the people around them seem to remember what this project was.

Arden, the one who hacked into others’ memories, was having her memories hacked and removed.

Who was doing this to her and why?

All the Bookish Feelings

Just imagining the amount of research a story like this must have required is tiring me out. Shana Silver has painstakingly grounded her story with studied details to make it an engaging adventure.

Often a book might form on an excellent idea but it’s implementation and plot development may not live up to it. But the author kept a tight hold on the reins throughout the journey of this tale.

Young Adult stories are not what I prefer to read a lot because it’s chock full of high school/college rivalries, bullying, backstabbing, petty squabbles, attention seeking behaviors, DRAMA (lots of it) etc etc. It was enough that I had to live through it once. Reliving it is not a part of my bookish ambitions.

However ‘Mind Games‘ isn’t your usual YA staple. Of course, the elements mentioned above are present but in a moderate amount. An amount I can handle.

The story satisfies you on the Romance front too. The initial awkwardness between Adrian and Sebastian transforming into a fierce loyalty is explored with a gentle care by Shana Silver.

The sense of urgency at the backdrop and the building suspense that grows along with the plot of ‘Mind Games‘ keeps you wanting to leap straight to the end.

Speaking of the end….Ohhhh boy! That is…you….it….

Let me just put it this way. The conclusion is worth the agony of all that suspense.

Give it a read. If Sci Fi is your cup of tea, you would find ‘Mind Games‘ quite enjoyable.

And tell me this, if you were given the choice of syncing your memories to an external app which would ensure that all your memories are always recorded and retrievable

Would you do it?

Book Blurb

A teen programmer at a school for geniuses must join forces with a boy she can’t remember to stop a hacker from deleting their memories in Shana Silver’s action-packed YA debut, Mind Games.

Arden sells memories. Whether it’s becoming homecoming queen or studying for that all important test, Arden can hack into a classmate’s memories and upload the experience for you just as if you’d lived it yourself. Business is great, right up until the day Arden whites out, losing fifteen minutes of her life and all her memories of the boy across the school yard. The boy her friends assure her she’s had a crush on for years.

Arden realizes that her own memories have been hacked, but they haven’t just been stolen and shared… they’ve been removed. And she’s not the only one: her mysterious crush, Sebastian, has lost ALL of his memories. But how can they find someone who has the power to make them forget everything they’ve learned?

Author Bio
Author Shana Silver

Rachel Shane (writing as Shana Silver) studied creative writing at Syracuse University.

She’s been a computer animator, an e-book creator for a major publisher, and now works as a Project Manager in digital and TV advertising where she enjoys telling people what to do. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, young daughter, and the characters she dreams up.

She can be contacted at-

Author’s Website





Publication Date: 27th August, 2019

Publishers: Swoon Reads

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