Autumn Blog Hop: Books to Read when you really need a Laugh

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Trails of Tales is hopping today!

Get ready for a volley of book recommendations! Who doesn’t love that?!

I have cured many a blues with a good, funny book. Nothing can compare to the hilarity of the printed word!

Today, I am joining the Autumn Hop of the Bookish Blog Hops. It is a Facebook group where all of us book crazed bloggers join together and answer a bookish question per day.

Bookish Blog Hops|Autumn 2019 Hop

There’s a host for every day. So if I am the host today, then I will address today’s question first and then include the answers of other bloggers in my post. It is pretty fun. If you’re a book blogger too, then please come over and join us.

SO…let’s get down to the laughing matter!

This topic actually jogged my memory a bit. I remembered some hilarious books I read in a different time of my life where I had no clue that one day I would start a blog that would ooze with my love for books or that I would enjoy it so much.

I’ll start off by telling you about those and then I’ll move on to my more recent funny finds.

I. ‘Hulabaloo in the Guava Orchard‘ by Kiran Desai

Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard

When a book has the word ‘hulabaloo’ in it…

You can guess what you’re in for. The protagonist is Sampath Chawla whose birth was considered auspicious and thus everyone, and I mean everyone expected him to do great things in life. Which…did not exactly happen. One tiring day, Sampath decides to climb up a tree in the guava orchard. By strange twists of fate, he starts getting heralded as a holy man. ‘Hulabaloo in the Guava Orchard‘ is a satire with moments of uncontrollable laughter. I loved it with all the marrow in my funny bone.

I guess a part of the subconscious reason for loving this book is because I have a specific relationship to Guavas. You see, this is a sad memory so hold your hearts, I loved eating Guavas as a kid (still do). One day, while thinking deep philosophical thoughts and sinking my tiny teeth into the fruit, there was a sudden loud crunch.

I, being the wise one decided that it must be a seed. A weirdly shaped and textured seed but a seed nonetheless. So I swallowed it. A few minutes later (after finishing the Guava, of course), I realized the supposed seed was a tooth.

For one whole day after that I avoided drinking water because I believed that the water would make the tooth in my stomach grow into a tree and it’s branches laden with teeth would come out of my mouth.

Aaaaa, Traumatic memories!!

II. ‘Those Pricey Thakur Girls‘ + Sequel by Anuja Chauhan

Those Pricey Thakur Girls by Anuja Chauhan
The House that BJ built by Anuja Chauhan

Those Pricey Thakur Girls‘ is your perfect rom-com. Set in posh Hailey Road of New Delhi, Justice Laxmi Narayan Thakur and his wife Mamta live with their five alphabetically named ( because that is the best way to name a succession of kids, right?) daughters. And each one of them is an unforgettable character. You know the kind of books that are dangerous to read in public because you would start laughing out loud in spite of yourself and people will stare? Yup, this is that book.

This book left such an impression on me that I almost danced with glee when I discovered its sequel ‘The House that BJ builtat a random bookstore. I enjoyed meeting my favorite characters again but in an older avatar with a whole new refreshing spin to the story. The new generation characters made me laugh just as much as the original characters.

Now, coming to my more recent finds…

III. ‘The Hundred- Year Old Man who Climbed out of the Window and Disappeared+Sequel by Jonas Jonasson

The Hundred year old Man who climbed out of the Window and disappeared by Jonas Jonasson
The Accidental further adventures of the hundred year old Man by Jonas Jonasson

The protagonist i.e. the most chill 100 year old man ever, Alan is my best friend! We have a soul connection. The sort of connection only a book character and a reader can have. I had even included him in my post What I learnt from my Favorite Book Characters of 2018.

Alan’s adventures started when he tried to escape his 100th birthday party at the Old People’s Home by climbing out the window. What ensues from there is hilarity at its purest. You can read my review of this book here.

The sequel ‘The Accidental further Adventures of the Hundred-Year Old Man‘ was not supposed to happen as the author would tell you in the Foreword. But it did and I for one am extremely happy about that. This time Alan start his adventures by climbing into a Hot Air Balloon. I can’t recommend these two book enough for all the times when you need a good hearty laugh.

IV. The ‘Barnabas Tewseries by Columbkill Noonan

This series is splendidly funny. It combines fantasy, mythology and period fiction in the form of detective stories. All of my favorite things! The Detectives here are Barnabas Tew and his assistant Wilfred.

I have reviewed Book #3 of this series here. These can all be read as stand alones but I would recommend reading them serially. It’s much more fun.

V. ‘Dumped, Actually‘ by Nick Spalding

Dumped Actually by Nick Spalding

As the name suggests, It is about a man who was dumped. Royally dumped. In the most fantastic setting possible.

The story follows this man, Ollie as he tries a million different things to get over his heartbreak and ends up in wonderful situations. It made me laugh so hard, I was pretty sure the stich on my side would burst open and I would have to sew it back together. Read my review here.

VI. ‘A Right Royal Face Off by Simon Edge

Book Cover|A Right Royal Face-Off

A historical fiction about the rivalry between two famous painters of 18th century London.

Oh this is good! It really is. The rivalry between the two artists is rib-tickling. I loved the flow of this story. I have reviewed it here, in case you want to check it out.

Well that was my list of recommendations.

Let’s have a look at what my wonderful fellow bloggers recommend to get the giggles on!


Bossypants by Tina Fey

Tina Fey is a genius! Yes, it’s a memoir and there are parts that are moving and emotional- but it also had me laughing out loud!

That’s a great recommendation Alix. I don’t read a lot of memoirs but this does sound good.

Blogger Leslie Conzatti

Leslie Conzati

I love a good funny book! 

The first “funny novel” I read was The Princess Bride by William Goldman. I’d seen the movie several times growing up–but I still remember the first time I actually saw it in novel form, on a friend’s shelf. I was like WHAT IS THIS SORCERY??? Naturally, I went and got a copy for myself from the library, to see what it was about. 

The cheek of the “editorial commentary” had me rolling on the floor giggling like a maniac. I loved it. I still pull it off the shelf when I need a chuckle.

Another book that brought the funnies in a BIG way was Grave Beginnings, the first book in The Grave Reports series by indie author R. R. Virdi. I had no idea what I was getting into (the “first edition” blurb was admittedly terrible–gave no indication what was in store! Thankfully he’s changed it since updating the cover and whatnot!) but it was a free review copy and I was just starting this whole book blogging thing so how could I complain?? 

The snarkiness got me first. Vince Graves is soo sarcastic, and he gets himself into so many shenanigans as a sort of “afterlife investigator” who is basically a dead person whose soul re-inhabits people who have recently died of supernatural causes, and he has a specific time limit in which to find the killer and rectify the situation– his quips had me giggling all the way through! 

But that’s not all–several months after reading that book, a friend got me hooked on the show Supernatural. It got me thinking about Grave Beginnings again, so I read that book a second time–and then I noticed all the Supernatural in-jokes it contained!! Which made it even more hilarious.

Last of all, my absolute favorite fairy tale re-tellings of all time ever, The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. It’s not billed as a humorous book… but some of her side characters are so unexpectedly hilarious (again, majorly owing to the sarcasm factor!) that the scrapes they found themselves in and the way they reacted were so delightfully funny!!

Yayyy! Thanks Leslie. You gave us so many options. PEOPLE! Get Book Browsing!

Leslie is also going to be hosting the blog hop tomorrow so head over there for more bookish fun.

Kim J

I am currently reading The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

When their company goes through a merger, Lucy and Joshua have to spend 40 hours a week working together. They become stuck in an addictive game of one-upmanship. A promotion comes up for grabs and whoever gets it, will be the boss of the other one. This book is so much fun and full of romantic tension. It appeals to my competitive side.

Other books I would turn to for something funny are the Jeeves and Wooster series by P G Woodhouse or anything by Sir Terry Pratchett. They provide a wry look at the world. It is always good to laugh at ourselves a little bit.

The Hating Game‘ does sound quite promising. I love the title!

Laura Doherty

I love books that make you laugh.

Burt Reynolds’ autobiography But Enough About Me was amazingly funny, I loved not only how the book was laid out but the frank and honest way Burt described the events of his life. There was a lot of chuckling as I read about his adventures. Kings Of The Wild by Nicholas Eames was bought just because the blurb had me chuckling while in the bookshop. It was side achingly funny, I literally have never laughed so much while reading. 

As Kim mentioned above you can never go wrong with anything by Sir Terry Pratchett but I definitely have a soft spot for Guards! Guards! and any of the books featuring the guards of the Nightwatch. 

Those all sound like amazing reads Laura. Thank you!

Tell me, which book would you recommend when someone is in dire need of a laugh or two?

These are all the topics we would be discussing on this Autumn Blog Hop

Autumn Hop Topics

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